Measuring temperature and relative humidity- KookaBlockly

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Overview This tutorial/lesson plan describes how to create two KookaBlockly programmes to measure Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature using the DHT11 peripheral and the Kookaberry microcontroller STEM platform. One programme records constantly; the other at the press of a Kookaberry button. PDF documents for both programmes, as well as the resources and learning outcomes component, can be downloaded from the …

Recreating the LightMe App in KookaBlockly

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This is a Digital Technologies project that recreates the preloaded LightMe app on the Kookaberry using the KookaBlockly visual programming editor Overview The LightMe preloaded app measures the level of ambient light and generates an output signal that can be used to light an LED when it falls below an adjustable threshold. The full MicroPython code for the preloaded app …

KookaBlockly Workshop

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This coding workshop/tutorial introduces participants to the KookaBlockly graphical coding editor. It requires at least two Kookaberries, a few selected peripherals and a PC to which the Kookaberry can be connected (tethered). It also needs a partner with another PC running KookaSuite for the interactive radio activities. However, these are just a small part of the whole workshop. Overview KookaBlockly …

Binary Numbers

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This short Lesson Plan will demonstrate the conversion of binary to decimal numbers and vice versa It will use the Kookaberry BinaryNumbers app which requires no peripherals. A 5-bit number is used in this demonstration. Directions Step 1: Setup This app needs no peripherals. Step 2: Running and using the app Navigate to the BinaryNumbers app and press Button B …

Practice makes perfect

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Students will design and run an obstacle course whilst using the BalanceMe app on their Kookaberry with the aim of improving their balance and reducing their number of ‘drops’. The BalanceMe app emulates an egg and spoon, detecting and recording out-of-balance events. This plan currently only exists in hard copy which can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right …

Making Music

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Students will explore musical pitch and tune bottles using their Kookaberry. Teacher background and information Tuning bottles Line up the 8 bottles in a safe solid place. Fill up bottle one with water. Pour a little less water into bottle two; even less into bottle three; and so on, until bottle eight has only a very small amount of water. …

Food for thought

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Students will investigate the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and collect and analyse data about the diets of themselves and their classroom peers.