Recreating the LightMe App in KookaBlockly

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
John Phillips
The AustSTEM Foundation

This is a Digital Technologies project that recreates the preloaded LightMe app on the Kookaberry using the KookaBlockly visual programming editor


The LightMe preloaded app measures the level of ambient light and generates an output signal that can be used to light an LED when it falls below an adjustable threshold.

The full MicroPython code for the preloaded app can be inspected using the KookaIDE text- based editor, but its basic functionality can be recreated using KookaBlockly.

The underlying MicroPython code can be displayed as it is  generated in KookaBlockly.

Practical Outcomes

Students will learn to create a customized app that is common in the real world.

Learning Outcomes

Students will use peripherals; position and format text on a screen; create and manipulate strings and variables; receive, transform, and transmit data; scale readings; and implement logic conditions and thresholds.

Prior Knowledge

Familiarity with visual programming editors such as Scratch, and with the following Tutorials

Teacher Resources

Recreating the LightMe App

This embedded PowerPoint presentation describes the complete Project. To open in a new window in order to view it in full screen, click on the icon at the bottom right of the PowerPoint window

A pdf can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right



Apps used in this learning plan

Peripherals used in this learning plan

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Year levels: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8


Recreate LightMe App

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