KookaSuite comprises three executable files:

  • KookaBlockly - an implementation of the GoogleBlockly programming environment for the Kookaberry.
  • KookaIDE - an Integrated Development Environment for programming the Kookaberry in MicroPython; and
  • KookaTW - the Kookaberry Teacher's Window that mirrors the Kookaberry's display

Unlike many other web based popular code editors such as Mu Editor and Microsoft's MakeCode; KookaSuite is loaded onto a local computer and does not require an internet connection to operate.

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KookaBlockly uses a menu of pictorial elements (blocks) to build up a programme in MicroPython to run on the Kookaberry once it is downloaded to a compiler on the Kookaberry board.

The Teachers' Window shows the result of the programme on the Kookaberry when the script (programme) is Run

Learn more about KookaBlockly→



This is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) built by Damien George for his MicroPython programming language that is native to the Kookaberry

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Teacher's Window


The Teacher's Window mirrors the screen of any Kookaberry on an attached computer.

It allows teachers to send the image to a smartboard or monitor.

The screen can also be displayed whilst working within the Editors

Learn how to download the Teacher's Window→