KookaBlockly is a fully functional visual programming language (VPL) editor resident on a PC or a Mac. It does not require access to the internet to write, run, and edit MicroPython programmes on a tethered Kookaberry.

A suite of mini-tutorials using the Kookaberry to demonstrate all of the fundamental concepts of the Stage 3 Digital Technologies national curriculum is under development.

Traditionally visual programming languages are considered the preserve of primary schools, whilst text based languages are taught in secondary schools. 

KookaBlockly provides a window into the coding of applications resident on the Kookaberry. Its ability to introduce text based instructions into KookaBlockly graphical programmes makes it an important transition tool from visual to text based programming in Stage 4 (Years 7&8).



Getting started

If you are familiar with Scratch, the Tutorial: Getting Started with KookaBlockly should provide just enough guidance to allow you to programme your Kookaberry in real time using KookaBlockly without any difficulty at all.

If you are new to Block code editors, look up tutorials for similar editors such as this suite of tutorials from Google CS First

If you are reasonably happy with block coding, partner up and go through the exercises in our KookaBlockly Workshop