MicroPython Editors

These editors have been created by Damien George, the father of MicroPython. They allow existing Kookaberries and other single board computers (SBC’s) such as the Pico using the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller chip to be programmed in MicroPython either visually using blocks, or by text. 

The instructions (the firmware) required to compile the text or blocks into machine language is downloaded to the SBC, whilst the editors have to be downloaded to a PC or Mac. Once downloaded, no internet connection is required to programme the SBC’s.


The two editors KookaBlockly & KookaIDE), and an app (KookaTW) which allows teachers to display the screen of Kookaberry on a monitor or Smartboard, are packaged together in a folder called KookaSuite which can be downloaded from GitHub. Instructions for download and installation can be found at other web pages by following the links in the buttons.