KookaSuite Download: PC

All of the software and firmware for devices running on current Kookaberries and Raspberry Pi devices (including Pico) using the RP2040 chip are held in a “kookaberry” folder on GitHub where new releases can be accessed at this address github.com/kookaberry/kooka-releases . This is the page you will land on. Click on the latest Release. As at March 2024, this is V1.10.0.

You will now be on a new page titled “Release v1.10.0”. Scroll down and you will find the links to download all of the KookaSuite  files as well as the firmware (in a zip file) to set up the chip to use MicroPython and work with the KookaSuite editors.

Download the KookaSuite files for Windows by clicking on the appropriate link and saving it to your PC. Anywhere (Downloads will do) is OK as the files will be distributed to other folders on your PC when you open it.

Clicking on the file once downloaded will bring up the blue Windows which protect your PC from unrecognised executable files. Don’t worry, our files are free of any nasties so you can proceed through an acceptance process as follows.

  1. Click on the underlined More Info words at the end of the opening words
  2. When the next mini-window opens, click on “Run Anyway”
  3. Follow and accept all the prompts when working through the Setup Wizard to install KookaSuite on your PC.


KookaSuite installs its application and script folders in the following locations by default.

Applications Folders

These folders contain the applications for each of the editors and the teacher’s window.

  • Local Disc> Program Files> Kookaberry>
    • KookaBlockly
      • KookaBlockly.exe
      • other files
    • KookaIDE
      • KookaIDE.exe
      • other files
    • KookaTW
      • KookaTW.exe
      • other files

KookaScripts Folders

These folders contain MicroPython scripts called up in dropdown windows within KookaBlockly and KookaIDE. More folders (eg, My Programmes) can be added at any time and these will also appear in the script dropdown windows.

  • Local Disc> Users> Public> Kookaberry Scripts>
    • KookaBlockly
      • Hello.py
    • KookaIDE
      • Hello.py

Running the Applications

The three applications can be run by clicking on their execution files within their respective folders (see above). Short cuts can be placed on the home page or task bar as required


NOTE 2: The icons for these three programmes are currently all the same so a shortcut to just the one programme normally in use is preferable