The Kookaberry

The Kookaberry is an inexpensive tiny computer (a microcontroller) designed and made in Australia to collect, store, display and manage data.

Programmes stored on the Kookaberry use the data from connected sensors to measure and display things like temperature and events (such as door opening), and to control the environment (like turning on a fan or lights); or a motor or steering a model car. It can use its on-board radio to transmit real-time and stored data to other Kookaberries for remote measurement or control purposes.

The Kookaberry sits at the centre of a universe of pre-programmed applications (Apps); commercially available and customised peripherals (sensors and controlled items like servos and mini-pumps); accessories (handles, special interface boards); and two software editors (one visual and the other text based) that are on a connected computer rather than the cloud. It can therefore operate completely independent of the internet and WIFI.


A limited number of Kookaberries are available from approved suppliers. Please contact for details.