Professional Learning

The Kookaberry is a very flexible experiential learning platform for the teaching and learning of STEM.

 Just having it in your hand as you run an app such as BinaryNumbers brings to life the conversion of binary to decimal numbers. Wherever, and however, the Kookaberry is used, there are countless opportunities to expand learning beyond the narrow confines of a single subject.

However, as with any new system, its potential will only be fully realised when its users are trained in its use.

The AustSTEM Foundation is therefore offering a professional learning programme where teachers in a school about to receive class sets of Kookaberries will be asked to purchase a training programme which includes a hands-on, introductory webinar for an unlimited number of teachers, NESA accredited hours, and three months online support.

The AustSTEM Foundation recommends that at least two teachers per Stage of Kookaberry introduction participate in this introductory professional learning programme.