Connecting Leads

A peripheral for use with the Kookaberry

A range of connecting leads have been created to connect various peripherals (including interface boards and accessories) to the Kookaberry.

Kookaberry Board Connectors

The Kookaberry provides five open-source JST PH type connectors to plug peripherals into. Four, P1, P2, P4, P5, have three pins, and P3 has four pins. The allocation of circuit functions to the pins on each connector is shown below.


The 3-pin connectors can control only one peripheral at a time, but the 4-pin connector (P3) can be used to control multiple peripherals using the I2C protocol.

3-pin to 3-pin JST lead (SKU: QK-03-022)

This 3-wire lead is 250mm long. It is the most commonly used lead

4-pin to 4-pin JST lead (SKU: QK-03-23)

This 4-wire lead is 250mm long.

2-pin to 2-pin JST lead (SKU: QK-03-21)

This 4-wire lead is 250mm long. It is used for providing power between interface boards and the Kookaberry.

USB-A to 2-pin JST lead (SKU: QK-03-26)

This 4-wire lead is 250mm long. It is used to provide power to the Kookaberry from the LiOn battery.

USB-A to Mini-USB lead

This flat lead is 200mm long. It has two uses:

  1. Providing power to the Kookaberry from the LiOn battery
  2. Transferring data between the Kookaberry and a connected computer.

USB-A to DC power lead

This 1 meter lead provides DC power to interface boards. The plug specification is 5.5*2.1*10mm



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