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Bushfire Risk Indicator

July 4, 2022D&T, DT, Technologies, Project

Table of Contents OverviewAgeContextLearning OutcomesPrior KnowledgeProject resourcesKookaberry & USB leadMicro Servo and DS18B20 thermometerResource 1: Operating a servo (very simple)Resource 2: Manual bush fire risk indicatorMaking the...

Blink a LED to send a distress signal

July 4, 2022DT, Tutorial

Table of Contents OverviewAgeTimeLearning OutcomesPrior KnowledgeContextResourcesConnecting upThe Morse Code Distress SignalSOS Resource 1: Blinking a LEDSOS Resource 2: Simple code repetitionSOS Lesson Plan 3: Using the repeat loopSOS R...

Apps to get you started

July 4, 2022Tutorial

Table of Contents ReTimerRock, Paper, ScissorsBinary NumbersLanderSemaphoreMusic DemoBalanceMeMoveMusicLogicPixel This Tutorial introduces some fun Apps (and some serious ones) to get you started using the Kookaberry straight out of the ...

Getting Started with KookaBlockly

July 4, 2022DT, Maths, Tutorial

Table of Contents OverviewKookaBlocklyStep 1: Installing KookaSuiteStep 2: Writing a programStep 3: Connecting your Kookaberry and running the programStep 5: Loading a new programStep 4: Saving your programsNaming KookaBlockly ProgramsDr...

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

July 4, 2022DT, Technologies, Tutorial

Table of Contents OverviewThe analogue worldThe digital worldMicropower considerationsSimulating “Continuous” in the digital worldPulse Width ModulationPWM Duty CyclePersistence of visionWhere is PWM used?IlluminationSpeedDirection a...

Getting Started with your Kookaberry

July 4, 2022Tutorial

Table of Contents Turning the Kookaberry on and running an AppStep 1: PowerStep 2: MenuStep 3: App selectionStep 4: Running an AppStep 5: ButtonsConfiguring your KookaberryFirmware VersionID ParameterData Logging IntervalRadio ChannelFin...

Making Music

July 4, 2022Music, Tutorial

This Tutorial demonstrates how the Kookaberry can enhance the Music subject. Currently there is one Lesson Plan; two Apps that contain music selections and introduce their musical notation; and two that are stand-alone or can be used in ...

Wireless Networking

July 4, 2022DT, Technology, Tutorial

In this Tutorial you will create a two-Kookaberry radio data network using their on-board packet radio chips and antenna. You will be using the Semaphore app which, when run on two or more Kookaberries, can send text, graphic and sound c...

Binary Numbers

July 4, 2022DT, Maths, Lesson Plan

This short Lesson Plan will demonstrate the conversion of binary to decimal numbers and vice versa It will use the Kookaberry BinaryNumbers app which requires no peripherals. A 5-bit number is used in this demonstration. Directions Step ...

Making Music

July 4, 2022Music, Lesson Plan

Students will explore musical pitch and tune bottles using their Kookaberry. Teacher background and information Tuning bottles Line up the 8 bottles in a safe solid place. Fill up bottle one with water. Pour a little less water into bott...

Food for thought

July 4, 2022PDHPE, Lesson Plan

Students will investigate the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and collect and analyse data about the diets of themselves and their classroom peers....