Making Music

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
John Phillips
The AustSTEM Foundation

This Tutorial demonstrates how the Kookaberry can enhance the Music subject.

Currently there is one Lesson Plan; two Apps that contain music selections and introduce their musical notation; and two that are stand-alone or can be used in lesson plans or projects.

Hard copies of the lesson plan and app descriptions can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf links to the right

Lesson Plans

  1. Making Music: In this lesson plan, students will explore musical pitch and tune bottles using their Kookaberry.

Stand-alone music apps

  1. Move Music: This app plays musical notes using gestures. It uses its on-board accelerometer to play the C Major scale in the seven octaves of a standard piano.
  2. Metronome: This app is an electronic metronome. When equipped with a loudspeaker it accentuates the last beat of a measure (bar). When equipped with a Touch Sensor you can beat your own time or connect a vibration sensor to a drum.

Music Selections

  1. Music Demo: This app will play tunes from the micro:bit music library: It includes such standards as Happy Birthday and Beethoven’s 5th. The micro:bit music notation is described through an example of code.
  2. RTTLMusicDemo: This app will play music from the Nokia ringtone library. It includes such standards as the Super Mario Theme and the Entertainer. The RTTL music notation is described through an example of code.

Apps used in this learning plan

Peripherals used in this learning plan

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Year levels: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10


MoveMusic (KAP004)

Music Demo App

RTTLMusicDemo App

KLP003 Making Music Rev B

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