Making 3D Printed Handles

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
Tony Strasser


This Tutorial provides all the information necessary to print your own 3D handle for a Kookaberry



Filament: PLA plastic, 17.08 grams

Printing Parameters: 0.2mm extrusion with 15% infill


    1. No supports.

    2. Printed skirt or brim to help it stick to the printing plate.

    3. Each unit needs to be cleaned up by removing the brim and smoothing the underside edges.

Files: The STL and OBJ files that describe the handle design can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right

Slicer programme views

Here are some views from the slicer program used to generate the code that is sent to the 3D printer.  These vary according to the printer make, model and plastic filament being used. The views show how the design is oriented for printing.

Isometric front                                                             Isometric rear


Bottom                                                                          Top


Front                                                                             Rear


Side                                                                                  Side


View of slicer output

Screw Fixings

The holes in the sides of the handles are used for attaching the peripherals. Small 4g screws should be used.


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Kookaberry Holder Tilted v16

Kookaberry Holder Tilted v16

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