Tutorial: Installing KookaSuite on a Mac

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
John Phillips
The AustSTEM Foundation

This Tutorial describes how to download the KookaSuite folder to a Mac


This Tutorial describes how to download the KookaSuite folder to a Mac.

Unlike many other web based popular code editors such as Mu Editor and Microsoft’s MakeCode; KookaSuite is loaded onto a local computer and does not require an internet connection to operate.

The KookaSuite folder contains the following files

  • KookaBlockly – an implementation of the GoogleBlockly programming environment for the Kookaberry
  • KookaIDE – an Integrated Development Environment for programming the Kookaberry in MicroPython; and
  • KookaTW – the Kookaberry Teacher’s Window that mirrors the Kookaberry’s display

KookaSuite requires the following folder to complement the two software editors

  • KookaberryScripts, which is a folder used by the software editors (KookaBlockly and KookaIDE) to store demo scripts (python programmes) and personal programmes

A pdf of this Tutorial can be downloaded from the Sidebar to the right.

The instructions below assume that Safari is being used as your web browser

Installing KookaSuite Software on your Mac

IMPORTANT: The KookaSuite files are “executable” files and such files, unless they have been certified as not posing a threat to a computer’s operating system, will generate warning signs and discard instructions before they will finally be allowed to load or run.


Download folders from this web page.

Download the KookaSuite-1.7-macOS.zip file from the Downloads sidebar to the right. When complete, click to show download. Double-click on the download and it show the files on the desktop



Install the individuals apps in KookaSuite


Double-click on the KookaBlockly icon and a warning window will appear – cancel it…..

Now go immediately to System Preferences and click on the Security and Privacy icon.

This will bring the following window into view – click “Open Anyway” NOTE: Make sure that the “General” box is active.

This will again show the warning window, but this time it will allow you to open Kookablockly. This file can now be opened the future without any warning windows. The file can be moved to Launchpad for easier access.



Repeat the KookaBlockly process to install KookaIDE

Teacher’s Window

Repeat the KookaBlockly process to install KookaTW

Installing KookaberryScripts

Download the KookaberryScripts.zip file from the Downloads sidebar to the right. It will download and unzip into the Downloads folder. Open the Downloads folder in Finder and move the KookaberryScripts folder to your Home folder. A prompt window will appear asking if you want to replace the KookaberryScripts folder which is already there. Click on Replace.



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