Conserving Energy

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
John Phillips
The AustSTEM Foundation

This project explores the conservation of energy in family households.

It brings together the two Australian Curriculum  Technologies streams (Design & Technologies , and Digital Technologies) to

  • switch off the lights in a model house using a Kookaberry and a preloaded app (D&T)
  • recreate the app from scratch using the KookaBlockly visual code editor (DT)

The Boston Museum’s “Engineering  is Elementary (EiM)” Engineering Design Process is used to guide this Project.

Practical Outcomes

Students will learn about energy conservation in the home and how to create a customized app that is in common use in the real world.

Learning Outcomes (D&T)

Students will use peripherals; position and format text on a screen; create and manipulate strings and variables; receive, transform, and transmit data; scale readings; and implement logic conditions and thresholds.

Learning Outcomes (D&T)

Students will learn collaboration, design, creative, and project management skills, and how to follow design briefs

Prior Knowledge

Familiarity with visual programming editors such as Scratch, and with the following Tutorials

Research Considerations

  • Review the Unit of Work “Be Energy Efficient” and determine where this Kookaberry project can add experiential value. [Note: saving electricity by turning off lights is not specifically covered in this Unit – it should be…]
  • Discuss the article “Facts About Turning Off Lights to Save Energy” and ask the students to bring a copy of their home’s energy bill to calculate cost.

Description of Project

This embedded PowerPoint presentation describes the complete Project. To open in a new window in order to view it in full screen, click on the icon at the bottom right of the PowerPoint window

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