Introduction to digital systems

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This Tutorial describes a digital system and uses the Kookaberry STEM platform to illustrate its fundamental principles What is a digital system? Digital systems receive information from Input devices such as a mouse, motion detector, microphone, or steering wheel, and make decisions (Processing) about what to do with the information depending on the circumstances. The decisions are transmitted to Output …

Practice makes perfect

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Students will design and run an obstacle course whilst using the BalanceMe app on their Kookaberry with the aim of improving their balance and reducing their number of ‘drops’. The BalanceMe app emulates an egg and spoon, detecting and recording out-of-balance events. This plan currently only exists in hard copy which can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right …

Food for thought

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Students will investigate the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and collect and analyse data about the diets of themselves and their classroom peers.