Getting Started with KookaBlockly

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Overview If you are familiar with Scratch or any other visual programming environment, this tutorial should provide just enough guidance to allow you to program your Kookaberry in real-time using KookaBlockly. You can download a pdf from the sidebar to the right. KookaBlockly Most visual programming editors are based in the cloud and require internet access. KookaBlockly, as well as …

Start Your Engines

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This Tutorial simulates the starting of a car engine when the petrol tank is 75% full using one Kookaberry. You will then connect it to another Kookaberry and show how the engine can only be started when the tank is both 75% full AND an ignition button is pressed. This simple and fun example illustrates how using the Kookaberry in …

Data Logging

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Data logging and on-board storage of the data being measured is a unique feature of the Kookaberry. In this tutorial the LightMe app will be used  to measure the level of ambient light over time. The measured values will then be uploaded to a computer and displayed as a graph in an Excel spreadsheet. Changing the data logging frequency First …

Binary Numbers

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This short Lesson Plan will demonstrate the conversion of binary to decimal numbers and vice versa It will use the Kookaberry BinaryNumbers app which requires no peripherals. A 5-bit number is used in this demonstration. Directions Step 1: Setup This app needs no peripherals. Step 2: Running and using the app Navigate to the BinaryNumbers app and press Button B …

Practice makes perfect

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Students will design and run an obstacle course whilst using the ‘BalanceMe’ app on their Kookaberry with the aim of improving their balance and reducing their number of ‘drops’. The ‘BalanceMe’ app emulates an egg and spoon, detecting and recording out-of-balance events. This plan currently only exists in hard copy which can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right