Kookaberry STELR Extension Kit

This document describes the use of the Kookaberry STELR Extension Kit with the STELR Sustainable Housing Module.

STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) is a national initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) to address the problem of low participation rates in STEM subjects at the upper secondary school level. It does this by developing teaching modules relating these subjects to highly relevant issues affecting all students.

The AustSTEM Foundation is developing a Kookaberry STELR extension kit to complement the STELR kits thereby making the collection of data by students using the teaching modules a simple and enriching experience.


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STELR House Kookaberry Extension 3D Components

The AustSTEM Class Kit for the STELR Sustainable Housing Module

The Class Kit comprises eight sets of components to match the eight sets of Sustainable Housing Equipment comprising a school’s Class Set. There are an additional four Infrared spot temperature sensors in each Class Kit Box. The detailed list is as follows

Kit Components

A Kookaberry

The Kookaberry is an easy-to-use micro-computer which was designed in Australia to engage both students and teachers at the basic level of our digital world.

Go the Introduction to the Kookaberry page for more information


Ambient Temperature Sensors

Three DS18B20 temperature probes to allow the heat transfer performance of housing designs to be measured, displayed and recorded.


Spot Temperature Sensor

One infra-red temperature probe to measure the surface temperature of housing elements.



Lux  & UV Sensors

One visible light Luxmeter to measure the intensity of visible light incident on or transferred by housing elements, and

One ultra-violet light sensor to measure the intensity of ultra-violet light incident on or transferred by housing elements.


3D Print Files

A set of 3D printing files to allow schools to print a set of wall panels and sensor mounts that are compatible with the STELR Sustainable Housing Kit.

The 3D files are in OBJ format and a zip file containing them can be downloaded from the Downloads section at the top of this page

Setting up

The temperature probes fit through the holes in the wall panels as shown in the photo.

The sensor mounts have pins that also fit in the holes in the wall panels, and they have an array of holes to accept 4g screws by which sensor circuit boards can be attached.

A small cutout at the base of the wall panel is for the sensor cable to be passed from one side of the house panel to the other.

A house panel stand is also provided for with vertical and 60-degree slopes, for example, to measure ambient conditions outside of the model house.

Kookaberry Apps

A set of Kookaberry scripts (or apps) is included which make use of these sensors to conduct experiments with the STELR Sustainable Housing Kit.

_Config App

This app should be used first and sets some basic parameters within the Kookaberry that are used by other apps. Full details can be found on the _Config page.


This app simultaneously records temperatures at the chosen INTERVAL from up to three DS18B20 temperature probes placed in and/or nearby a model house. Full details can be found on the STELR_Temp  page


This app records the surface temperature of any object to which the infra-red sensor is pointed, as well as the sensor’s ambient temperature. Full details cab be found on the STELR_IRT page


This app simultaneously records the readings from a Luxmeter and a UV sensor. Full details can be found on the STELR_LxUV page


This app reads spot temperatures using the same non-contact infrared sensor used in the STELR_IRT app above. Full details can be found at SeeTemp


This app converts a selected CSV file in the Kookaberry’s file storage memory and converts it to a web-browser compatible HTML file.. Full details can be found on the GraphCSV page

Kookaberry App Software Support

The Kookaberry apps listed above require a set of supporting library modules that perform functions such as reading data from the sensors, drawing trend graphs on the display, and recording data to the CSV files at regular intervals. The STELR Kookaberry Extension Kit software suite comprises the folders and files shown in the right-hand image.

A “STELR Extension Kookaberry Apps.zip” software distribution package can be downloaded from Downloads section at the top of this page


To install the software first tether the Kookaberry to be used to the computer using USB. The Kookaberry should appear as a USB drive.

Open (or right-click on) the zip file and extract all of its contents to the Kookaberry drive. This should place all of the needed files and folders onto the Kookaberry.

Eject the Kookaberry drive, plug in a fully charged battery, and hold button B while briefly pressing the reset button on the rear of the Kookaberry. The Kookaberry app menu should then appear on the display with the STELR apps described above listed. You may then, by following the instructions for each app, use the apps.

Data Visualisation Using Serial Studio

The included Kookaberry STELR apps have the capability to send data to the open source Serial Studio computer application for real-time visualisation of the data and recording to a library for later retrieval and replay.  Please refer to the full description here.