The Kookaberry Platform

The Kookaberry is a little computer (a microcontroller) with a screen; battery; handle; and a menu of pre-coded applications which sits within an ecosystem of peripherals (sensors and control elements); learning resources; and text and graphic based MicroPython editors.

It is the platform powering the immersive STEM Experiential Learning Journey which provides both teachers and their students with the necessary skills to bring the digital world to life in their classrooms.

Teachers and their students will learn how to capture, display, and analyse the data that is shaping every aspect of our daily lives.

The Kookaberry is designed and made in Australia, and sits between the Raspberry Pi and micro:bit in both functionality and price.

It is simple to use, requires no coding experience, Internet, or WiFi, and brings the Internet of Things and real-world data into project-based learning throughout the curriculum.

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