Kookaberry Ecosystem

Sensors and Peripherals

The Kookaberry has been designed to allow simple plug-and-play of commercially sourced sensors, control elements and many other peripherals such as loudspeakers.

Where commercial products are not available, or can be improved or made less expensive, AustSTEM has created its own design and outsourced their manufacture.

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Kookaberry STEM Applications (Apps)


A large number of pre-coded STEM apps have been written for the Kookaberry by AustSTEM in response to both teacher demand and to demonstrate its potential for use in lesson plans.

Teachers (and their students) can upload their own Apps to the Kookaberry website for the benefit of others.

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Learning Plans

A small number of default Lesson Plans have been written demonstrating the use of the Kookaberry to enhance their learning outcomes.

These and tutorials and projects have been grouped under "Learning Plans" on the Kookaberry website.

Lesson plans should use the Kookaberry to enhance learning outcomes and NOT be written around the Kookaberry itself.

As with Apps, teachers can upload their own lesson plans and units of work to the Kookaberry website for the benefit of their peers.

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