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Tony Strasser


This uses the DHT11 sensor to measure temperature and humidity and display the apparent temperature. It can also display wind speed if connected to an AustSTEM designed anemometer which can be assembled in class from cardboard, a fidget spinner, and an optical sensor.


Step 1: Setup

Set up the app by plugging a DHT11 sensor into P2. If available, plug the anemometer into P4. The anemometer is not required if only the T and RH measurements are required.


Step 1A: Making the anemometer (Optional)

Download the “KIS004 Cardboard Anemometer Rev A” pdf file which contains instructions for making the anemometer. You will need cardboard, the inside of a paper roll, an EC-30 optocoupler and a fidget spinner. The EC-30 optocoupler (shown left below) is very inexpensive and can be purchased on ebay. A spare fidget spinner should be easy to find!



Step 2: Running the app

Navigate to the WeatherHere app and press Button B to run. If nothing is connected, a prompt will tell you to connect DHT11 to P2

What is showing on the screen?

  1. Row 1: Name of app
  2. Row 2: Elapsed logging time (logging starts as soon as app is run) and sampling interval (set in Kapconfig file)
  3. Row 3: Temp in degrees Celsius
  4. Row 4 Humidity in %
  5. Row 5: Apparent temperature calculated from Bureau of Meteorology algorithm
  6. Row 6: Wind speed as calculated from the speed of rotation of an attached anemometer
  7. Row 7: Button A to Exit and description of weather condition.
Step 3: Using the app

This app emulates a weather station and simply reflects the temperature and relative humidity around the DHT11 sensor.

If the anemometer is connected, a small fan can be used to spin it and the speed (previously calibrated) will be displayed on the screen


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Radio code:

App ID:...,

root_dependencies:Kappconfig.txt, TimeConfig


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