Servo App

An app for the Kookaberry

Developed by
Tony Strasser


This app demonstrates servo control using a Kookaberry and a lightweight micro servo. Two modes of operation are provided – one an incremental change of angle by using the buttons; and the other by continuously varying the angle via the potentiometer peripheral.


A pdf of these directions can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right


  • Press a plastic servo arm onto the servo, lining it up with the long axis. This will be the vertical, or zero degree, reference point
  • Plug a Micro Servo into P1 on the Kookaberry using a  JST PH to Breadboard Jumper (3-pin). This will provide button control.
  • Plug a Potentiometer into P4 (this will add analogue control)
  • Navigate to the Servo app and press button B to run.

Running the App


What is showing on the two screens (Left one is Home screen)?

  1. Top Row: Name of app and angle of servo arm
  2. Second and Third Rows: Pin numbers for Servo and Analogue input (Potentiometer); Readout of angle of servo bar relative to vertical (zero degrees)
  3. Image: Graphic of angle of servo arm.
    1. Set by buttons C and D when B on bottom row shows “anLg
    2. Set by analogue input (Potentiometer) when Button B is toggled to show “btn”
  4. Bottom Row: Button A is Exit from app; Buttons C & D adjust angle in incremental  steps; Button B toggles between button and analogue modes.


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