An app for the Kookaberry

Developed by
Tony Strasser


This App measures reaction time by pressing Button B after the three LED lights go out.


A pdf of these directions can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right


This app does not require any external peripherals – it uses only the buttons and the LED’s on the front of the Kookaberry.  Navigate to the ReTimer app on the Kookaberry’s menu and press Button B to run.

Running the app

What is showing on the first (Home) screen?

  1. Top Row: Name of app; ID of Kookaberry (01)
  2. Second Row: Your reaction time in milliseconds
  3. Third & Fourth Rows: Instructions
  4. Fifth Row: Date and time if connected to your PC
  5. Sixth Row: Button A is Exit; Button B starts the LED sequence.

Using the app


After pressing Button B to start, the instruction on the screen changes as shown in the left-hand screenshot above, and the LED’s on the front start to turn on one at a time.

As soon as all the LED’s turn off, Press Button B and your reaction time (ie the delay between your brain registering the fact and your finger pressing the button) is displayed on the second row of the screen.


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ReTimer App

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