An app for the Kookaberry

Developed by
Tony Strasser


This uses the coloured buttons on the Kookaberry to generate the number of items counted in each of five categories. The resulting data from individually identified Kookaberries is then broadcast to the teacher’s Kookaberry for uploading to a computer for analysis and display.


Step 1: Setup

The keyboard has 4 coloured keys: O B Y G.  Each key, when depressed sends a unique analogue voltage to P4.

Step 2: Running the app

Navigate to the CountMe app and press Button B to run. Press Button C to restore a clear count on the screen (all zeros)

What is showing on the screen?

  1. Top: The name of the app with a prompt to plug the keyboard into P4.
  2. Middle: The first letter of the button colour and a count of the number of times it has been pressed
  3. Bottom: Button A is Exit from app; Button C is reset; Button D is pause; and Button B is save.
Step 3: Using the app

Operate the keys in accordance with the lesson plan. Press Button D to pause and restore counting [pressing keys will not result in a count during Pause period].

Press Button B to save the total count to the on-board USB memory as a Kooklog.csv file when finished, and to also broadcast the data to the teacher’s Kookaberry running the ListenLog app. 


  1. Import initial conditions from the Kappconfig.txt file via the file
  2. Create the analog input for the keypad and turn off radio to conserve power
  3. Read the keyboard and identify individual key presses
  4. Identify Reset and Pause commands
  5. Total the key presses for each key during the counting period
  6. Write the total counts for each key to the Kooklog.csv file.
  7. Broadcast the total counts for each key over a radio channel.

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