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This app is a utility that sets up some basic parameters on the Kookaberry that are used by other apps. This app should be used first to set up the Kookaberry before any other apps are used.

The app is called _Config. The underscore in front of its name ensures it always remains at the top of the menu list.

Failing to set up the Kookaberry with the _Config app, or not using it to check the last parameter settings before use, may prevent other apps from working correctly.


To run the _Config app, select it from the Kookaberry app menu and press button B to start.






The opening display is as shown on the left. The lines in the display are:

  • The name of the app “_Config” and the present ID of the Kookaberry (01)

  • The third line shows the parameter being configured, beginning with the ID which is set to 1

  • The last line explains the functions of the four Kookaberry keys A (exit the app), B (go to the next parameter), C (increment the current parameter), and D (decrement the current parameter.

In this instance the ID parameter can be adjusted from 1 to 99 inclusive by pressing the C and D buttons.

Logging Interval

Press button B to go to the next parameter which is INTV, the interval in seconds between the successive sensor readings.

The current or default setting is shown as hh:mm:ss, in the example it is 10 seconds.

Pressing the C or D buttons will cycle the INTV setting through a preset range of intervals between 1 second to 24 hours inclusively.

Radio Channel

Press button B to go to the third and last parameter which is the radio CHANNEL number.

The Kookaberry contains a digital packet radio for communicating data between Kookaberries on the same radio channel. The available channels are 0 to 83 inclusive which are selected using buttons C and D. The default channel is 7 as shown.

Finish and Save

To finish and save the configuration press the A (exit) button and return to the Kookaberry menu.

NOTE: If the _Config app is terminated without pressing button A, for example by pressing reset or removing power, then the _Config setup will not be saved.

The configuration is stored in the ‘Kookapp.cfg’ file in the root folder of the Kookaberry file store.

Important! Do not delete or alter the file as unpredictable operation of other apps may result.

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