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AustSTEM has arranged for the local manufacture of 500 Kookaberry boards for delivery by the end of 2020.

Some of these boards will be used in the Kookaberry Class Sets supporting trials of the STEM Experiential Learning Journey (The Journey) in selected NSW schools commencing in Term 1 2021.

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The balance is available to allow schools and institutions to purchase The Journey or individual Kookaberries for evaluation or trial.

The Journey

The STEM Experiential Learning Journey (The Journey) is a whole-of-school programme introducing real world data and technology to subjects across the curriculum from Stage 3 onwards.

By taking the Journey, teachers and their students will develop the practical skills to assess and draw conclusions based on real-world data and evidence, and be able to apply those skills in novel situations.

It is supported by a Kookaberry Class Set and two Kookaberry teacher accreditation courses

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Kookaberry Class Set


The Kookaberry Class Set supporting the STEM Journey comprises

  • 15 Kookaberries including batteries and connecting leads

  • accessories including power leads, power boards, battery chargers, and the leads connecting peripherals to the Kookaberry

  • peripherals including enough input and output devices (sensors and control elements) to allow students to explore the world of data; and teachers to demonstrate the relevance of fundamental learnings to real world practices.

Teacher Accreditation

The Journey includes two self-paced, video based, Kookaberry teacher accreditation courses. Each course will deliver at least 4 hours of professional learning, and include at least 1 hour of on-line mentoring and support.


Extension Kits


Extension kits to support STELR, and other curriculum projects are either under consideration or are being developed.

We welcome inquiries on tailoring extension kits to suit particular learning needs

Expression of Interest

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